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Agricultural Lubricants

FCSL supply a comprehensive range of Total agricultural lubricants, tailored to meet the technological requirements of the latest farming equipment and older models.   Approved by leading farming equipment manufacturers, Total lubricants meet all international standards.


  • Exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties


  • Properties that promote equipment durability where it is operated in conditions of high temperature under heavy loads


  • Excellent resistance to shear forces in order to maintain optimum viscosity for lubrication of the engine.


  • The TRACTAGRI HDX SYN FE 10W-30 lubricant enables fuel to be saved and enhances machinery power.


  • The transmission DYNATRANS VX FE lubricant is suitable for a wide variety of agricultural machinery, which means that lubricant stocks can be reduced.


  • It helps reduce energy loss through friction and splashing, thus saving on fuel consumption.


  • Its properties ensure excellent behaviour at both low and high temperatures. In addition, the DYNATRANS VX FE lubricant provides enhanced protection since it possesses good loading capacity, thus ensuring increased durability for gearing and hydraulic components.


  • The HYDRAGRI 32-46-68 lubricant has been specially designed for hydraulic systems operating in normal temperature and pressure conditions.


  • Very high viscosity index for very steady operation and easy starting at any temperature

  • Very low pour point for use at very low temperatures.


  • Totally neutral for gaskets and seals


  • TOTAL develops formulas for multifunctional lubricants. The products in the MULTAGRI range allow the servicing requirements of all types of agricultural machinery to be streamlined.

  • MULTAGRI PRO-TEC 10W-40 is intended for the lubrication of all mechanical parts in tractors, agricultural and related machinery in all seasons of the year.


  • MULTAGRI MS 15W-40 is intended for the lubrication of the various moving parts of tractors and harvesters in all seasons.

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