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Pipercross Performance Oils, Longman Court, Filtration House, Sketty Close, Brackmills, Northampton. NN4 7PL


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Screen Wash 50 Tab - 250 Litres


Screen Wash 2 Tab - 10 Litres


Screen Wash 1 Tab - 5 Litres


Screen Wash


We have developed a unique and revolutionary screen wash that has been fully trialled, tested. It is effective against

extremely high levels of dirt and grime without smearing and it is safe for both the user and the environment. The screen wash is ready to use as a pre-diluted 2:1 formula which enables it’s cleaning, protection and antifreeze properties of minus 8 degrees to be maintained. Furthermore, it is equally suitable for use in both summer and winter months. 


Why Use Diamond View Screenwash?

  • Anti-dirt and grime and water repellent.

  • PH neutral – user friendly.

  • Secondary containment not required for storage as it is classified as Non-Hazardous under current EU legislation.

  • Contains glass protection and sealing additives to minimise scratching and reduce smearing, which also reduces the need to use windscreen wipers by at least 50%