Elf Tranself NFJ 75w-80 3L's (3 x1L)

Elf Tranself NFJ 75w-80 3L's (3 x1L)

Adapted to vehicles Renault equipped with gearboxes of families J, TL4, NDX and more particularly for vehicles Twingo, Modus, Renault, Clio, Mégane (expect (off) Mégane / Scenic II Pk4) and Laguna (expect (off) motorisation 2, 2DT, dci and V6), for spaces (2.0 and 1.9) and for Kangoo
More generally, this lubricant is adapted to the requirements of the mechanical gearboxes of light passenger and utilitarian cars, provided with brass synchro in simple configuration or multi-cones.
Specifications: Satisfies the international API GL-4+ specification
Manufacturers' approval: Officially approved and recommended by Renault for gearboxes JXX, TL4 and NDX
Performances and Customer Benefits
  • Improves speed changing at low temperature thanks to its good cold flow properties.
  • Avoids noisy problems when changing speeds thanks to its good shear stability ensuring a sufficient viscosity at high temperature (<< stay-in-grade >>)
  • Prevents from difficult disengagements of the speeds and from cracks thanks to its specific formulation.
  • Gives good protection of gear teeth even under most severe stresses thanks to its extreme pressure properties.
  • Maintains good speeds changing all along the gearbox life with its outstanding friction behaviour.
  • reinforces protection against wear, especially regarding to gearbox mechanical devices.
  • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance
  • Very high resistance to shear
  • Outstanding anti-rust and anti-corrosion capability
  • New formulation less sensitive towards water
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