Drivemax III is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid formulated with premium, severely hydro processed base stocks and additives that help provide oxidation and thermal stability, friction control, load-carrying ability, corrosion and wear protection. It helps protect against the formation of deposits, sludge, varnish, foam and provide outstanding durability.




Suitable for automatic gearboxes of passenger cars, heavy-duty automatic transmissions, power steering units and hydraulic systems.


Features & Benefits


  • It provides protection against the formation of lacquers, sludge or other harmful deposits
  • Exceptional stability provided by excellent base oil and extra oxidation inhibitors
  • It ensures fast circulation during cold weather and excellent lubrication when hot
  • Especially Effective in minimising transmission "chatter". Helps ensure smooth, quiet action at all speeds.


Specifications & Approvals

Meets and Exceeds:


GM DEXRON IIIG, IIIH FORD MERCON V, FNR5 FORD ESP-M2C-138-CJ/166-H MOPAR AS68RC CHRYSLER ATF +3, ATF +4 HONDA ATF Z-1 HYUNDAI/KIA SP-II, SPIII, JWS 334/3317/3309 T4 KIA RED-1 IDEMITSU K17 JASO 1A JWS 3309 MAZDA ATF-M III, ATF-MV MITSUBISHI DIAQUEEN ATF J2, J3, SP-II, SP-III, PA NISSAN 402, NISSAR MATIC-D,J,K SUBARU ATF, ATF-HP SUZUKI 3314, 3317 TOYOTA T, T-II, T-III, T-IV (JWS 3309) AUDI G052 162, G052 990, G 055 025, G 052 540, G 055 005, G 055 162 VW TL 52162 BMW LA 2634, LT 71141 ETL 7045E ETL-8072B MB 236.1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 9 / 11 MB 236.12 / 14 / 15 / 41 PSA AL-4 RENAULT DP-0 TEXACO N402 ZF TE-ML 09, 11A/11B ZF TE-ML 04D, 09, 11B,1 4A, 14B, 16L, 17C SAAB 3309 VOLVO 4-6 SPEED ALLISON TES 389 ALLISON TES 228(C4) MAZDA F-1/JWS 3317/ M-III/TYPE-IV SUBARU HP

Lubrex Drive Max ATF Dexron III (Dexron 3) 20L

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