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About Us

Pipercross Performance Oils sell the most comprehensive range of quality and specialist engine oil for Cars and Bikes anywhere in Europe. Whatever branch of motorsport you're in, PPO has the ultimate range of fluids and oils for Motorsport, plus additives, greases and performance service parts. We can also supply AdBlue, Antifreeze, Screen Wash and Agricultral oils

Who Are We?

Pipercross Performance Oils supply oils and fluids, including Shell, Morris, Total, Mobil, Castrol and Valvoline. With over 25 Years of oils and fluids experience you can be sure we will have the correct product for your application. We sell oils for all makes of cars and bikes, from the most modern supercars and motorcycles to vintage and classic vehicles. You'll find oils for all applications from mineral monogradest to super high tech racing synthetics. We stock engine oils, gear oils, differential and axle oils, brake fluids, power steering fluid, coolant and workshop products. 

PPO stock a large range of oils, fluids, and parts for classic cars, motorcycles and automotive vehicles. We offer an extensive range of products that not only meet period formulations and specification but improve levels of protection and performance thanks to advances in production / development technology. Come to PPO for  professional advice and support. In today’s market there’s a bewildering choice of oils available. 

Pipercross Performance Oils operates under Filtration Control Solutions Limited, FCSL are the UK’s largest vehicle and marine operating fluid supplier, distributing AdBlue, Engine Oils, Screenwash and Antifreeze. With key brands being partnered with FCSL such as Shell, Fuchs and Morris we can always offer the right product 

for the right application at the most competitive price. We are distinguished from the ‘Oil Majors’ by our ethos of, ‘Delivering Solutions on Fluids’. This means we strive to improve customer efficiency in business processes from purchasing right through to waste disposal. By maintaining this philosophy, we never 

lose an opportunity to add value for our customers.

FCSL supply over 1,000 product and pack combinations of leading brands to their markets. In addition, FCSL supports customers with a wide range of services to maximise operating efficiency. Regardless of whether you require standard products or are in search of more complex product development – our ‘can do’ philosophy applies.

Why Pipercross Performance Oils?

Pipercross Performance Oils know engine oils and are available for anyone contact us to discuss any questions or concerns they may have. If you would like our expert recommendation then simply get in touch with us today. PPO prides itself in offering world class lubrication services and the sort of advice that makes a real difference. 

Selecting the correct engine oil for your automotive needs can be a confusing process. It is important to us that you receive the right oil, therefore we are here to help. We also offer Free UK Shipping on all orders.


Our strong relationships to our suppliers means we can supply the correct specification lubricant or fluid for all applications, if there's a product which you need but cant see on our shop, get in touch with us and we will source this product for you.  

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