Ester/PAO based fully synthetic motor oils formulated to give maximum margins of protection during periods of a fast road or competition use

The products are available in SAE 5W40 and 10W50 viscosity grades. The 10W50 are particularly recommended for use in warmer ambient temperatures. the 10W50 is also for use in applications where excessive fuel dilution has been encountered. Significant improvements in power output have been seen with the 5W40 grade.




The products are suitable for use in all modern cars and are particularly recommended for high-performance engines. where their exceptional shear stability and wear protection help to maintain consistent power output and reliability. The fully synthetic base fluid ensures that the products are thermally stable and extremely resistant to oxidation, even when stressed to the extremes of endurance.

The excellent overall performance profile ensures optimum protection even in the most demanding turbo-charged power units in modern performance cars. The discerning motorist may be confident that the products excel in all areas of performance and ensure maximum protection under all operating conditions.


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