Type of Use

Specifically designed for BMW and MINI cars fitted with EURO IV and EURO V engines (M43CNG, M47/TU2, M57TU, M57TOP, M57TU2, M67TU…) requiring "Mid SAPS" lubricants: low Sulfur (<0.3%), low Phosphorus (<0.08%) and low Sulfated Ash (<0.8%).- For Diesel engines fitted with diesel particulate filter (DPF), MOTUL Specific LL-04 5W-40 must be used whatever the country. MOTUL Specific LL-04 5W-40 is also suitable for use in Diesel engines without diesel particulate filter. For Gasoline engines, MOTUL Specific LL-04 5W-40 is only recommended for use only in European Union countries, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Outside those countries, a BMW LL-01 lubricant such as MOTUL 8100 X-cess 5W-40 is required, refer to BMW recommendation.



Standards - ACEA C3 - API SM / CF

Approvals - BMW Long Life 04

Engines compliant with EURO IV and EURO V emission regulation are fitted with sensitive exhaust gas after-treatment systems. Indeed, Sulfur and Phosphorus inhibit catalytic converters operation leading to inefficient exhaust gas treatment; and Sulfated Ashes clog DPFs leading to shortening regenerating cycle, quick oil ageing, higher fuel consumption and engine power loss. The BMW Long Life-04 specification imposes severe constraints to the lubricant particularly due to BMW Valvetronic and after treatment systems compatibility. It covers all BMW engines from 2004 and also, all BMW engines before 2004 as BMW LL-04 covers all the previous BMW specifications such as BMW LL-98 and BMW LL-01.

ATTENTION: BMW LL-04 product can be used for gasoline engines only in European Union

countries, Switzerland, Norway and